Swastika graffiti found in same area where Ginsburg poster was vandalized

The same area where a poster promoting a book about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was vandalized has now been covered in swastikas.


About a month ago, a poster touting a book about Ruth Bader Ginsberg was defaced.

The poster, which hung at a local subway stop, had a swastika on it as well as the phrase, “Die, Jew b****!”

That was not the first time this hateful rhetoric would appear, nor would it be the last.

On Monday, more swastikas appeared on the sidewalk in the Greenpoint neighborhood along Newel Street.

This time, there were two of them with arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Police are currently looking through local security surveillance video to see if they can identify the culprits.

Police have also asked that the graffiti be left alone and not removed until they have fully investigated the case.

Just Blame Trump

In all likelihood, liberals will try to find a way to blame President Trump for this.

Mind you, Trump has been nothing but supportive of Ginsburg as she worked to recover from recently broken ribs and her third bout with cancer.

Trump has also slammed neo-Nazi groups and anti-Semitism, but that will not matter all that much to liberals and Democrats looking for a reason to say something negative about Trump.

The actual facts seem to matter less and less these days, as the mainstream media is all about creating a clickbait headline that will get them traffic, never mind the facts.

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