Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell pays the price for mocking President Trump on social media

A California Democrat went after President Donald Trump on social media — and the president’s defenders kicked him to the curb for it.

After Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeted that he would rather face the cold, snowy New York weather to find coffee than grab a cup at Trump Tower, which appeared behind him in an attached photo, the congressman found himself the butt of more than a few jokes.

No-Work Work Day

Swalwell posted his tweet on Wednesday afternoon from New York, where he complained of having to walk through the snow to find “alternative” coffee. (Apparently, Trump Tower coffee isn’t good enough for the congressman.)

But it didn’t take long for Swalwell’s ridiculous tweet to be scrutinized by fellow Twitter-goers.

Fox contributor Lisa Boothe responded:

Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese took things a step further, providing the congressman with a map showing several coffee shops in the area:

Perhaps Jason Howerton, a contributor to, said it best: “Being a member of Congress now means getting zero work done and constantly trying to turn yourself into a meme.”

Democrats v. Trump

Indeed, that is pretty much what our elected Democrat representatives seem to do these days. Every ounce of their energy is put into hammering the president on social media.

If they put half as much work into their governing as they did their social media, all of our problems would be solved.

Following suit, rather than doing his job earlier this week, Rep. Swalwell chose to tweet about his journey to land a cup of coffee from somewhere other than Trump Tower in a city that no doubt has thousands of coffee shops.

It is safe to say that at no time in our history has a president from one party been so disliked and disrespected by the other party.

What a shame.

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