Sussman’s lawyers demand judge ‘strike’ section of latest Durham filing detailing spying allegations

Special Counsel John Durham has seemingly kicked the hornet’s nest with his latest court filing, which points to a potentially entirely new level of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and the lawyers she allegedly hired to do the dirty work.

According to Fox News, in the wake of Durham’s report being filed, attorneys for Michael Sussmann, the attorney who worked with Clinton’s campaign in 2016, have requested that the court “strike” the “factual background” section of his report.

Sussman’s lawyers argue that the particular section in question will “taint the jury pool,” as their client is set to begin his trial in May.

The bombshell report, in a nutshell, accuses Clinton’s campaign lawyers of helping facilitate what essentially amounts to a hacking operation that scraped data from the servers of former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, and carried on after he won the White House.

Lawyers cry foul

While most of the mainstream media literally ignored the shocking turn of events, in what many believe to be an effort to protect Clinton and Democrats in general, Sussman’s lawyers apparently felt compelled to break the silence as it appears the Clinton lawyer could be in scalding hot water.

“Unfortunately, the Special Counsel has done more than simply file a document identifying potential conflicts of interest,” wrote Sussman’s legal team.

They added: “Rather, the Special Counsel has again made a filing in this case that unnecessarily includes prejudicial—and false—allegations that are irrelevant to his Motion and to the charged offense, and are plainly intended to politicize this case, inflame media coverage, and taint the jury pool.”

Notably, Durham is widely known in his line of work as bipartisan, with no agenda whatsoever, which lends a new layer of credibility to his findings, making it even more bizarre that the mainstream media is choosing to ignore it.

“Sadly, the Special Counsel seems to be succeeding in his effort to instigate unfair and prejudicial media coverage of Mr. Sussmann’s case,” Sussman’s lawyers added.


In Durham’s Feb. 11 filing, the special counsel claimed there’s ample evidence to prove that lawyers for Clinton’s campaign in 2016 set up an operation to infiltrate computer servers not only at Trump Tower and Trump’s private apartment, but also White House servers.

The operation was reportedly launched to establish an “inference” and “narrative” that they could bring to federal law enforcement agencies in order to bolster the hoax narrative that Trump was a secret Russian agent, or at least had sketchy ties to the communist nation.

Only time will tell what happens as a result of Durham’s findings, but it’s important to note that he’s not done yet. Former DNI John Ratcliffe indicated this week that he believes more indictments are still yet to come as a result of Durham’s investigation.

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