Suspect in deadly crime spree found unclothed and naked in wooded area: Cops

A homicide investigation in North Carolina took a surprising turn this week.

Authorities confirmed this week that the suspect was found naked and dead in a wooded area near Wilmington.

Details of bizarre crime spree

Local police indicate that the suspect was tied to a string of residential break-ins earlier this month.

During one invasion, the subject allegedly stabbed a dog to death. After fleeing to another location, he is accused of fatally stabbing 62-year-old Randy Davis.

From there, investigators believe the suspect broke into a business on Sebrell Avenue and proceeded to remove all of his clothes. Authorities have not released the name of that business.

He is believed to have left that location without clothes and a nearby resident reportedly contacted police to report the sighting of a naked man running across the street. Officers attempted to track down the subject but were initially unsuccessful.

During a search of a wooded area near Oleander Drive and Greenville Village, investigators reportedly found the unclothed body and subsequently identified the suspect as 23-year-old Elijah Keever.

“Concluded the same night as the murder”

Police reports indicate the investigation remains ongoing into the circumstances surrounding the break-ins and Keever’s behavior. Many details are still unclear, including the cause of his death, and investigators say a toxicology report is forthcoming.

As for what led the suspect to allegedly break into several locations, killing a man and a dog in the process, it is currently unknown whether it was a random act or if Keever might have had a connection to the locations or victims of the crimes.

In any case, a statement by the Wilmington Police Department assured locals that there does not appear to be an ongoing threat to the public, noting that authorities do “not believe that residents in the area have anything to fear, as this incident most probably concluded the same night as the murder.”

The startling details of this incident come as communities across the nation experience a troubling rise in violent crime.

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced $1.6 billion in Justice Department grants, which is expected to “help address the surge in gun violence that we’ve seen over the last two years and will bolster steps that the administration has already taken to crack down on violent crime.”

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