Suspect arrested in connection with assassination of Haitian president

A brutal attack on the Haitian president earlier this year attracted international news coverage and sparked a search for the militants responsible.

Now, a key suspect in that assassination plot has reportedly been arrested and detained by Turkish authorities while traveling through the Istanbul airport.

Background on the deadly plot

An armed group brazenly stormed the residence of Jovenel Moise on July 7 and killed him.

As Breitbart reported, businessman Samir Handal is now facing charges related to the conspiracy to assassinate Haiti’s president.

Turkish news outlets asserted that he was intercepted by local law enforcement officials while changing flights during a trip from the U.S. to Jordan.

Handal was wanted by Interpol and has been placed in a Turkish prison for a temporary 40-day hold, according to reports.

Haitian Foreign Minister Claud Joseph confirmed Handal’s arrest and detainment in a statement thanking his Turkish counterpart for apprehending the suspect. He declined to provide many other important details, however, such as whether Haiti will attempt to extradite the suspect.

“More than determined to do justice”

At least 40 suspects have already been arrested in various locations around the world for their purported roles in the attack that left Haiti’s first lady severely wounded.

The Miami Herald identified Handal as a businessman and builder from Haiti who had been living in the Florida area following the assassination. He was also linked to another alleged key potter, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who has been described by investigators as the “intellectual author” of the plot against Moise.

Sanon was arrested shortly after the deadly attack in a home owned by Handal, where investigators believe private meetings were held to orchestrate the assassination. Handal is believed to have fled to Florida around the same time as Sanon’s arrest.

As for Handal’s recent arrest, Joseph struck an optimistic tone in his remarks confirming the latest development.

“This is a huge step in the investigation,” the foreign minister said. “I myself am more than determined to do justice to the president and make sure that it’s rendered to his allies, his family, and more importantly, the country. When we render justice to the president we render it to the whole nation.”

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