Susan Rice says talk of Clinton serving as Biden’s UN ambassador is ‘ridiculous,’ insulting

Rumors first started swirling last week that Democrat Joe Biden may be considering failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for the role of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

In a revealing and stunning tweet Thursday, however, former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said talk of Clinton joining the Biden administration is “ridiculous and an insult” to the former secretary of State, Fox News reported.

“Stop. Please,” Rice added. Take a look:

Ambassador Clinton?

According to Fox, talk that Clinton might be tapped to serve as United Nations ambassador under Biden was first brought up in a report from The Washington Post.

The paper cited “a person familiar with the chatter who spoke on the condition of anonymity” about the potential for Clinton to get the job.

“The thinking behind the move was that it would be a way for Biden to highlight the importance of that position in his administration, and that placing her there would raise the prestige of the U.N. itself at a time when global cooperation, and the U.S. role on the world stage, has ebbed,” the Post reported, according to Fox.

Clinton, for her part, hasn’t responded to the rumors, as Fox notes.

Trump pushes back

It all comes as Biden continues “charging ahead” with preparations to take over the White House, his team said Friday, despite the fact that President Donald Trump has not conceded the race. What’s more, NBC News reports, “the General Services Administration hasn’t actually officially declared Biden the victor.”

A recount is currently underway in Georgia, according to Fox, and Trump’s team has mounted a number of legal challenges in other states, including Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, in hopes of weeding out any fraud that may have impacted the results.

In a tweet Sunday, the president suggested there’s still a long road ahead in that regard.

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