Susan Rice accuses Trump of lying about Soleimani killing

While almost anyone will agree that taking out Iranian terrorist leader Qasim Soleimani makes the world a better place, rather than stand behind our President’s decisive action, some leftists are doing everything they can to undermine Trump’s decision.

Former Obama official Susan Rice is one such naysayer, and recent comments make it clear that she is charging Donald Trump with lying about the circumstances surrounding his ordering the strike on General Soleimani. 

Don’t believe Trump

President Trump has already come forward citing “imminent and sinister” attacks that were directly orchestrated by Soleimani as the reason for ordering the strike. In Democrat-land, Trump is incapable of telling the truth, regardless of the evidence vindicating his statements.

In a CNN interview on Friday, Obama’s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice stated, “Whether we and Americans around the world are safer as a result of his targeted assassination than they would have been had we pursued other means to deal with what was purportedly the imminent threat at hand. I am not sure about that. I am not sure as I look at this, there are other ways to de-escalate this situation.”

Rice stated that she would like to see the evidence of the intelligence claims being made by the administration.

“This administration, sadly, tragically, has a record of almost daily misrepresenting the facts, telling falsehoods about issues big and very small. It’s hard to have confidence on the face of their representations,” she remarked.

However, as a former National Security Advisor, she should know there is little chance the administration can make that information public. Doing so would jeopardize assets and channels of information that are currently in place.

The Iranians have already come forward to say they have identified 35 targets in an intended revenge plot, which more or less proves that Trump was telling the truth. That should be enough, but Democrats like Rice absolutely cannot allow Trump to be right under any circumstances, even if it ensures the safety of hundreds of lives.

Are we better off?

The only question that really matters right now in this discussion is whether the world is a better place with General Soleimani six feet under. On that front, there is not a single reasonable person that disagrees.

If we are to believe reports over the weekend, both President Bush and President Obama had the opportunities to take him out, but both declined, fearing retaliation.

There are thousands of people that have been injured and hundreds of deaths that have happened as a direct result of those presidents allowing Soleimani to continue his reign of terror.

Our intelligence reports stated there was an imminent threat that had been planned by General Soleimani, so Trump took him out once and for all. Those attacks may still happen, but Trump has clearly sent Iran a warning that the U.S. will not tolerate terrorists anymore.

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