Survivor describes ‘unbelievable torture’ taking place in Chinese concentration camps

China has long been at the center of speculation that ethnic minorities are being held against their will and tortured in concentration camps.

One Uyghur woman recently opened up about her experience in such a camp, revealing in a recent interview that the conditions are as horrific as many people have suspected.

“It’s not like a normal prison”

Zumrat Dawut spoke to Breitbart News and explained that she spent time in one of the many infamous concentration camps before fleeing Western China in 2019. She asserted that the camps were established to hold Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and people from other Muslim communities.

As her story alleges, human rights abuses are occurring on a horrifying scale in China as much of the world appears to be standing by and allowing it to happen.

For its part, the Chinese Communist Party has done its best to silence Dawut. Her relatives in China have reportedly been forced to denounce her or face terrible consequences.

“It’s not like a normal prison,” she said. “They use unknown medicines to inject people; there’s a lot of unbelievable torture in that place.”

She said that during the 62 days she spent there, she was “preparing for death” and “preparing to be killed” the entire time.

“We never saw them again”

Chinese officials have denied allegations that the camps amount to ethnic cleansing in Western China, but those who have escaped tell a different story.

According to Dawut, those being held in the concentration camps are forced to undergo cult-like indoctrination, explaining: “The people are asked if there is a god, and do you believe in God? If they say yes, they will kill them. They are asked, do you believe in Xi Jinping or God? And the ones who say ‘Xi Jinping’ live. I witnessed them torture a person for saying, ‘I believe in God, not Xi Jinping.’ They then took the person, and we never saw them again.”

Although certain nations and leaders have spoken out against the reported atrocities, the world has essentially allowed China to avoid accountability for too long.

Even if military action is not a viable approach, the time has come for China to face economic isolation and other consequences until it proves that human rights violations have come to an end.

Such an approach would require significant sacrifices, however, with world leaders being forced to choose between cheap Chinese goods and the human rights they claim to hold sacred.

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