Survey shows Americans miss Trump's policies, prefer them over Biden's

 March 24, 2024

A recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports sheds light on the divergent perceptions of President Joe Biden's and former President Donald Trump's economic policies among likely voters.

According to the findings, a plurality of 49 percent believe that Biden's policies have adversely affected them personally, while 46 percent credit Trump's policies with personal benefits.

The survey

The survey, encompassing 1,149 likely voters, delved into the comparative evaluation of Biden's economic policies against those of his predecessor.

A striking 48 percent of respondents deemed Biden's economic agenda as "worse" than Trump's, contrasting with the 37 percent who viewed it as an improvement. Notably, 12 percent perceived little distinction between the two administrations' economic approaches.

Among demographic subsets, skepticism towards Biden's economic policies was evident, particularly among black voters. While 43 percent of black voters favored Trump's economic strategies, only 36 percent expressed confidence in Biden's policies. Even within the Democratic cohort, a significant 26 percent viewed Biden's policies less favorably than Trump's.

The generational divide

The generational divide was equally pronounced, with younger voters aged 18-39 showing a clear preference for Trump's economic policies. A substantial 47 percent of this demographic favored Trump's approach, while only 28 percent endorsed Biden's policies.

Beyond the evaluation of economic policies in the abstract, the survey probed into the personal impact of presidential policies on respondents.

Almost half, 49 percent, reported feeling personally harmed by Biden's policies, while a mere 28 percent claimed personal benefits. This sentiment extended to black voters, with 41 percent reporting harm and only 33 percent benefit.

Trump support grows

Conversely, Trump's policies garnered a more favorable personal assessment, with 46 percent attributing personal benefits to his policies, compared to 34 percent who felt harmed. This sentiment was consistent among black voters, with 43 percent reporting personal benefits and 33 percent citing harm.

The findings underscore the critical role of personal experiences and perceptions in shaping voter sentiment, transcending external influences such as media narratives.

The enduring nostalgia for Trump's economic stewardship, contrasted with concerns over the efficacy of Biden's agenda, highlights the complex interplay between policy outcomes and public opinion.

For Biden's administration, grappling with economic uncertainties and competing policy narratives, the survey findings pose a significant challenge. Effectively communicating the merits of their economic agenda amidst a backdrop of lingering skepticism presents a formidable task.

The survey underscores the enduring resonance of economic policies in shaping voter attitudes and preferences, illuminating a crucial battleground for political discourse and public opinion.

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