Survey of swing district voters paints bleak picture for Biden, Dems on spending proposal

President Joe Biden has put forward a pair of massive spending bills — the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan — that combined would cost more than $4 trillion, to be paid for by substantial tax increases that Democrats including Biden have promised will only affect corporations and the most wealthy Americans. But it looks like not all voters are buying it.

According to Breitbart, a recent poll of voters in 10 key swing districts that went for Democrats in the 2020 election showed Biden’s plans to hike taxes and skyrocket federal spending aren’t particularly well-liked.

The findings come from a survey of more than 5,000 registered voters in districts across 10 different states.

The study was conducted between May 18–23 by the HarrisX firm on behalf of the centrist No Labels organization, with a margin of error that varied per district but remained in the range of 4.4% to 4.7%, according to The Hill.

Spending bill should be limited, bipartisan

The congressional districts polled reportedly included Georgia’s 7th, Maine’s 2nd, Minnesota’s 3rd, New Hampshire’s 1st, New Jersey’s 5th, Nevada’s 4th, New York’s 3rd, Oregon’s 5th, Pennsylvania’s 17th, and Virginia’s 7th — all of which are currently represented by vulnerable Democrats at risk of being ousted next November.

The poll found that not only were voters in those districts wary of Biden’s proposals, but they also want Congress to focus on smaller bills that they can pass on a bipartisan basis, rather than strictly along party lines.

A majority of respondents in every district said they were opposed to the combined $4 trillion in new spending. Instead, majorities in each district favored a limited infrastructure bill that would cost no more than $1 trillion, pollsters reported.

Making matters worse for Democrats: pluralities in nearly all of the districts surveyed said they would be less likely to vote for their respective incumbents’ re-election in 2022 if those members were to vote in support of the $4 trillion plan, to raise taxes by $1.8 trillion to pay for part of it, or to expand the federal deficit by $2 trillion to cover the rest of it.

Voters don’t want tax hikes

On the subject of proposed tax increases, pollsters found that majorities of voters in all districts believed tax rates should be lowered or remain the same, with anywhere from 61% to 71% of respondents in each of the districts stating their explicit opposition to an increase in federal tax rates.

Interestingly, while Biden and Democrats’ “tax the rich” messaging drew widespread support, majorities in all districts also believed that those new taxes would eventually be paid by less wealthy individuals and families, and would have a negative impact on jobs and the economy.

There was also strong opposition — up to 72% in some districts — against increasing taxes on capital gains, as well as hiking taxes on gasoline and other fossil fuels, which between 65% and 78% of respondents were opposed to.

What all of this means is that if Biden and his fellow Dems insist on ramming through massive new spending proposals without the support of the GOP, it will almost certainly come back to bite them in 2022. It will certainly be a sight to see.

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