Surprise! Look who are suddenly America's brand-new gun fans

 January 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Advocacy for firearms, the Second Amendment, and both shooting sports and self-defense long have been the domains of Republicans across America.

Democrats, on the other hand, largely have adopted a unified voice in demanding gun limits, restrictions, and even outright bans.

Until now.

A report from Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard explains that even now, “banning guns is a favorite [topic] for Democrats.”

“But they should be careful pushing too hard because the latest data about who is buying and shooting guns look a lot like a list of liberal Democratic voters,” he explained.

He cited a new study from the National Shooting Sports Foundation that discovered, “New shooters are more likely to be black, Democrats, Hispanic or Latino, younger, female, and from a large city or suburb. There are large increases in the percentages of new shooters who are young, female, and from a large city or suburban area.”

He noted the organization’s report, “Firearm Ownership & Sports Shooting Participation Report, specifically pointed out, “Compared to 2020, the percentage of new shooters who are Democrats nearly doubled.”

He noted that also nearly doubling was the percentage of adults shooting for fun, with now nearly 25% of the adults shooting and buying guns and ammunition.

”These are encouraging figures that are consistent with the other trends we see in the monthly FBI background checks and industry production reports reflecting growth in firearm ownership. Safe and responsible firearm ownership goes hand in hand with regular participation in shooting sports,” Joe Bartozzi, the NSSF’s president, said in the report.

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