Supremes abandon parents whose son was taken by state

 March 19, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

When state officials in Indiana took a son away from his parents because their religious beliefs "distressed" him, they asked the Supreme Court to intervene.

Those justices now have abandoned them.

The offense committed by the parents was that they would not refer to their son with pronouns and a name inconsistent with his biological sex.

In short, they declined to support a transgender ideology.

Leftist bureaucrats across the nation, under Joe Biden's leadership, have tried to make promoting transgenderism mandatory, even for parents. They fiddle with the regulations and rules until they can define NOT promoting transgenderism as child abuse, and then use their definitions to take confused and troubled children away from concerned parents.

report from The Gateway Pundit said this case involves Mary and Jeremy Cox, who are Catholic. They chose to bring their son to therapy when he insisted, a few years ago, that he wanted to be a girl.

Becket, representing the family, said authorities soon intervened.

"Indiana began investigating the Coxes after a report that they were not referring to their child by his preferred gender identity. Indiana then removed the teen from the parent's custody and placed him in a home that would affirm his preferred identity."

The report said the Supreme Court abandoned the parents without any comment.

The parents previously had sought therapeutic care for their son over his gender dysphoria and an eating disorder.

Becket had explained, "Because of their religious belief that God creates human beings with immutable sex—male or female—they could not refer to him using pronouns and a name inconsistent with his biology. The Coxes also believed that he needed help for underlying mental health concerns, including an eating disorder."

The report pointedly noted the state "did not find evidence of abuse – but claimed the couple’s non-acceptance of their son’s gender identity was harmful to the child’s mental health."

Becket spokeswoman Lori Windham warned, "If this can happen in Indiana, it can happen anywhere. Tearing a child away from loving parents because of their religious beliefs, which are shared by millions of Americans, is an outrage to the law, parental rights, and basic human decency."

The Coxes, after the Supreme Court rejected helping them, said, "We can’t change the past, but we will continue to fight for a future where parents of faith can raise their children without fear of state officials knocking on their doors."

State officials denied the parents' faith had anything to do with the investigation and its results. They claimed the child was taken because of an "eating disorder," for which the parents were seeking help.

WND previously reported state officials took the boy after finding the parents disagreed with their son's claim to be a girl.

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