Supreme Court, with Bruen ruling, has ‘transformed’ the battle over the Second Amendment: report

CNN has just published a report explaining how the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Second Amendment ruling has “transformed” the gun rights landscape, making life more difficult for gun control advocates. 

The network, in its report, focused on the aftermath of the justices ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, a case that was decided in June.

The decision

Bruen had to do with the system that New York uses to decide whether or not to allow gun owners to carry their weapons in public.

Under the Sullivan Act of 1911, the law required such an applicant to show “proper cause” for wanting to public carry. Accordingly, the New York government, under the law, was given the discretion to determine what exactly a “proper cause” is.

It is easy to see how New York, a blue state with many pro-gun control politicians, might use or abuse this discretion. The Supreme Court, thus, struck the law down by a vote of 6-3, requiring a more objective, rather than subjective, application process.

Bruen, viewed narrowly, is seen as bolstering the Second Amendment by protecting the right to carry firearms in public.

But, as CNN reports, Bruen has done much more than this.

A big change

Bruen, viewed more broadly, has transformed how the judicial system reviews gun control.

A key change, according to CNN, is that, now, when a judge considers whether a gun control law is in line with the Second Amendment, he or she has to additionally consider whether such a law is “consistent with this Nation’s historical tradition.” In other words, a judge has to consider whether or not similar gun regulations were in place at the time the Constitution was framed.

It’s a tougher burden for gun control advocates to meet. And, we are already seeing the effects.

CNN reports:

Since the June ruling, federal judges in at least a half-dozen different cases have already cited the Bruen decision to rule against gun restrictions that have included local assault weapons bans, prohibitions on the manufacture of homemade firearms, and bans on older teenagers publicly carrying handguns. Several other laws now face new legal challenges under the precedent, among them zoning restrictions barring shooting ranges, licensing and training laws and the federal ban on certain misdemeanor offenders from possessing firearms.

It appears that the Second Amendment right to bear arms is the strongest that it has been in many years thanks to the justices’ ruling in Bruen. 

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