Supreme Court hands Trump temporary tax returns victory

The battle for President Donald Trump’s tax returns is not yet over, but it has been put on hold for a few weeks.

On Monday, the Supreme Court put a block on the most recent court order for Trump to turn over his tax returns to the House Oversight Committee, Breitbart reports.

Give us those returns…

Democrats believe they are going to find some hidden treasure in Donald Trump’s tax returns. It is as though they are playing some high-stakes game of “Where’s Waldo” with the president.

The Democrats have shielded their true purpose by claiming a review of Trump’s tax returns could provide them with the information they need for legislation to prevent corruption or wrongdoing by a presidential candidate in the future.

The problem, though, is that there simply is no reason to solicit these returns because Trump has never been convicted of any wrongdoing by the IRS.

The House Oversight Committee insists they are the check and balance for the IRS, yet they have never undertaken this route with any other candidate. The real purpose is for them to get his taxes into the public record.

Once they do that, they can try to push a narrative that Trump cheats on his taxes. Mind you, they will do this by saying he used tax laws — which are available to everyone — to reduce his tax bills.

Temporary victory

While it would be great to report an all-out victory for Trump, this is only a temporary win. Trump has until Dec. 5 to file his appeal in the case, as mandated by the Supreme Court.

His attorneys are obviously going to do that, which could stretch this ordeal out to the new year. By mid-January, the Supreme Court will probably have decided whether or not it will hear the case or abide by the ruling in the lower courts.

Honestly, Trump’s victory all depends on the makeup of the appeals court.

As we have repeatedly seen, a liberal-tilted court is not capable of giving Trump a fair trial, so his best hope appears to be the Supreme Court taking on the case.

At least that way, he has a reasonable shot at justice being served.

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