Supreme Court Set To Release Trump Immunity Decision Soon, Leftists Already Going Ballistic

 June 24, 2024

The Supreme Court's current term is almost up and there is a string of major decisions set to be released in the next week.

Chief among those decisions is a decision on whether former President Donald Trump can claim presidential immunity to contest the classified documents indictment against him. 

The Supreme Court has chosen to take its time with this case as it carries major implications for past and future presidents.

Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of a robust presidential immunity, it will likely completely exonerate Trump. But should they cut back on presidential immunity it could open up past presidents to litigation.

This is an important case and the Supreme Court recognizes this but leftists are outraged that the Supreme Court isn't immediately issuing a ruling against Trump.

Leftist Outrage

Odds are the Supreme Court will rule to protect presidential immunity but there is a chance they could do the inverse. A final verdict has yet to come out and leftists in the media are already going ballistic.

CNN anchor Jim Acosta accused the Supreme Court of creating a "mess" by not ruling quickly because of the possibility that Trump's trial wouldn't begin until after November's election.

Acosta stated, "Do [the justices] recognize that the longer they wait, the more of a mess potentially they could make politically for the country if we don't see a January 6 case go to trial before the November election, for example? Do these kinds of practical, real-world aspects of all of this, do they dawn on the justices of the court?"

Acosta is saying the quiet part out loud. Democrats are hoping that Trump will have further litigation to bog him down in November in order to give President Joe Biden an advantage.

However, the Supreme Court isn't gifting Democrats that advantage. Ironically, it is Democrats who have created a political "mess" with their political indictments of Trump.

Democrats are having to grapple with the fact that their lawfare isn't working and they must beat Trump in November fairly. Democrats want the Supreme Court to make decisions that are beneficial to them but the prospect that the Supreme Court isn't on their side has them going crazy.

Presidential Immunity

Democrats want to hack away at presidential immunity but that could have grave consequences for the future. If the Supreme Court rules against presidential immunity it will blow open the doors for Republicans to wage lawfare against a future Democrat president.

The left wants to change the rules but they don't understand the future implications. Republicans are already speculating on pushing litigation against former President Barack Obama for the many questionable things he did during his time in office.

In many ways, the Democrat Party has already changed the rules and Trump himself seems set to take advantage of that should he win the election. If Trump gets a 2nd term, his enemies should expect to get a taste of their own medicine.

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