Supreme Court says it will hear controversial New York vaccine mandate case

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving New York’s controversial vaccine mandates in what could be a landmark decision regarding the government’s overreach during the pandemic.

The case comes from New York Police Detective Anthony Marciano who has filed the legal case over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate against police officers.

“Marciano sued the city last year challenging a policy requiring municipal workers be inoculated against Covid-19. He did not qualify for religious or medical exemptions, but instead argued he’d acquired immunity through his front-line service and should be free to make his own decision about getting the jab,” Politico reported.

“His case began in state court and was quickly kicked up to the federal level. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals denied his request for a stay of the vaccine mandate while his case plays out, so he asked the Supreme Court to grant him that injunction or strike down the city’s policy altogether,” it added.

The case could have tremendous consequences regarding the vaccines, especially in New York.

The situation could also help save the jobs of many city and state workers who chose to lose employment rather than take the vaccine.

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