Supreme Court preparing decisions on gay rights, other issues

The term is winding down for our Supreme Court Justices, but they still have some major cases on the docket.

Before SCOTUS breaks, the court is expected to announce decisions on gerrymandering, gay rights, abortion, union, and Trump’s travel ban.


One of the more important cases sitting on the docket for the justices impacts upcoming elections.

The justices are expected to rule on state lawmakers being able to redraw district lines.

In several states, Democrats are pitching this restructuring to benefit them in upcoming elections.

The two most notable cases involve Wisconsin and Maryland.

Gay Rights

After a conservative baker refused to serve a gay couple, a law in almost two dozen states has come to the forefront.

The legislation required businesses open to the public to serve everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The baker is arguing a custom cake falls under a form of expression.


At stake here are faith-based crisis pregnancy centers being forced to inform patients of low-cost alternatives available from the state (California).

The centers are claiming the notification violated their 1st Amendment rights.


More than 20 states, mostly Democrat states, want employees not in unions to pay a “fair share fee” to cover the costs of collective bargaining.

Anti-union groups are once again citing the 1st Amendment due to the fact, in their opinion, paying these fees would be endorsing a specific group involuntarily, even if they do not actually support the group personally.

Travel Ban

After several liberal judges tossed out Trump’s travel ban, the Supreme Court recently upheld the ban in December.

The court will officially rule on the ban, which liberals claim is biased against all Muslims.

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They are also claiming Trump has overstepped his bounds with the travel ban.

If history serves as a lesson, it looks rather likely the Supreme Court will vote in favor of the ban.

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