Supreme Court fast-tracks Obamacare challenge

Democrats are pushing to have an Obamacare case put in front of the Supreme Court as soon as possible.

And on Monday, the Supreme Court granted their request, according to the Daily Caller. The high court sent the White House scrambling by demanding a response from the Trump administration to a blue-state petition calling for SCOTUS to resolve the case by June. 

Short notice

If the case is not heard during this current term, it is unlikely that the issue will be settled for at least another year.

As such, a blue-state coalition petitioned the Supreme Court to fast-track the case so it could be heard during the current term.

The Supreme Court granted the coalition’s wish, demanding that it receives a response from both the Trump administration and several red states involved in the case by the end of this week.

The short notice to present arguments to the Supreme Court will no doubt have both the White House and the red state coalition scrambling to present its brief.

What is at stake?

The reason the blue-state coalition is pushing so hard is that they believe delaying this matter any longer could hurt individuals relying on certain provisions in Obamacare.

“Were the Court to consider and grant the petition and hear argument in the ordinary course…there is little chance that it would resolve this dispute for at least another year,” the coalition said.

It went on: “In the meantime, participants in our healthcare system would have to make critical choices — indeed, life-changing ones — without knowing whether important provisions of the ACA [Affordable Care Act] will be invalidated.

“By expediting its consideration of the petition and resolving the case this Term, this Court would allay that uncertainty and improve confidence in the markets about the future of the health care sector,” they concluded.

By no means has the Supreme Court decided to officially to hear the case, though. These arguments will be presented to the court, then it will decide whether or not to put the case on the docket for the upcoming term.

The justices are scheduled to meet several times in the upcoming weeks to determine the docket. If the case is accepted, arguments will more than likely be presented in spring, with a decision being handed down at some point in June.

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