Supreme Court leaves DACA in place for another year

President Donald Trump’s mostly-conservative Supreme Court has made yet another ruling that will no-doubt irk the White House.

On Friday, the Supreme Court decided to table their ruling on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, allowing it to remain in place for at least another year.

Stunning Ruling

President Trump surely thought he had a slam dunk taking DACA to the Supreme Court.

The case was brought to SCOTUS by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who presented the case on the premise that Barack Obama created illegal and unconstitutional legislation to put the program in place.

But the court does not appear to agree with him — at least for now.

To be clear, this is not over; the court members have just decided to table arguments on it for now.

In fact, it may actually be the current government shutdown that led to the decision to table this for now. Perhaps the justices think America’s legislators can clean this up on their own.

But if they don’t (and they probably won’t), arguments could still be heard on the case this fall, which would mean a decision would be rendered in early 2020.

Not the End of the World

While this would have been an ideal way to end the DACA program, it is not the end of the world for conservatives.

The Democrats really want amnesty for DACA recipients and their families.

Republicans really want their border wall.

There has to be some type of middle ground on these two issues for our representatives to work with.

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Will conservatives like it if Trump gives amnesty to five million people?

Absolutely not.

But can they live with it, if it gets them better border security, and we no longer have to worry about programs like this ever being implemented again?

The alternative here is that both sides stand firm, our government remains shut down, and tens of thousands of Americans get caught in the crossfire. And nobody wants that.

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