Supreme Court justice’s injury ‘more severe’ than originally thought

Liberals are just about to hit the panic button, and for good reason.

A reported injury to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is far worse than had been previously reported.

Uh Oh

On Monday, it was reported the Justice had fallen and injured her shoulder.

While it was initially reported as no big deal, the injury now appears to be far worse than anyone knew or believed it to be.

Sotomayor’s spokesperson stated, “The tests revealed that the fracture of her proximal humerus (the ball of the shoulder joint) is more severe than initially believed.”

She continued, “Further evaluation will determine treatment of the injury.”

While the Justice is expected to sit on the court, her travel schedule has been drastically cut back.

With Trump’s travel ban case on the docket, liberals better hope she is able to make it to work every day.

The Future

On the surface, this may not seem like all that big of a deal, but the reverberations of this injury could have a major impact on the liberal agenda.

Even though conservatives have the edge when the justices vote along party lines, losing a liberal voice will severely tilt the court in favor of conservatives.

The additional rub here is that Sotomayor is a fairly recent appointee, having been nominated by Barack Obama.

At 63, she would be expected to sit on the bench for at least a dozen more years.

If for some reason her injuries turn out to be more extensive and she is forced into retirement, Trump would get to appoint her replacement.

If that happens, conservatives would have a massive 6-3 lead on the bench.

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With liberals having two possible justices retiring during Trump’s time in office, the threat of conservatives dominating the Supreme Court for decades suddenly becomes very real.

With our country continuing its move towards a left slant, conservatives would at least be able to take some solace in the fact our Constitution would be protected by conservatives in the most powerful court in our country.

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