West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals justice resigns after two-decade career

Corruption in the West Virginia justice department is finally being purged.

West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Jean Davis has resigned in disgrace.

Pending Impeachment

All David did by resigning was avoid the inevitable.

After numerous financial misdeeds were uncovered by the entire West Virginia Supreme Court, legislators made a move to impeach them all.

While Democrats fought against the measure, the impeachment articles were adopted by the State House of Delegates, and the fate of the justices was set.

Davis tried to take a few shots on her way out, but they sounded more of desperation than actual fact.

“We judges weigh evidence as part of our jobs,” Davis stated. “Unfortunately, the evidence clearly shows that the preconceived, result-driven mania among the majority party members in the legislature cannot result in a just and fair outcome.”

Sorry, judge (ahem — former judge), but the evidence shows you and your co-justices splurged at the expense of the taxpayers of West Virginia.

In all, it has been reported the justices spent more than a combined $1 million to renovate their offices.

Three to Go

With Davis out, only three justices are left, all of which will stand trial in the Senate.

The fifth justice, Menis Ketchum, had resigned in July and is expected to plead guilty later this month on corruption charges.

The three justices that will stand trial are Margaret Workman, Allen Loughry, and Elizabeth Walker.

Davis and the other justices continue to tout this as nothing more than a political maneuver by the GOP.

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Since the governor gets to name the replacement justices for anyone that is impeached, they believe it is a big move by the GOP to get a conservative-leaning court to push through legislative changes.

But the facts make it clear the people of West Virginia were deceived and their trust was abused. They should all be held accountable.

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