West Virginia Supreme Court justice accused of corruption sits in jail for two-year sentence

West Virginia had what may go down as one of the most corrupt Supreme Courts in the entire country.

The state is now working heard to rectify that situation, and as part of that, former Justice Allen Loughry is now in prison serving his two-year term.

Judicial Impropriety

At one point, the entire panel of judges on the West Virginia Supreme Court was in danger of being impeached.

Several of the court members resigned rather than face the embarrassment, while others, like Loughry, decided to fight the charges.

Of course, Loughry was not successful. He reported to prison on April 5.

In the meantime, Loughry has been largely criticized both in the media as well as by the judge presiding over his case. According to reports, Loughry showed no remorse for his wrongdoings during his trial.

The Scandal

The core of the scandal in West Virginia centers around the justices blatantly misspending for office renovations.

If you thought the claims against Ben Carson were bad for his china set, that was nothing compared to what these judges were doing.

One report told of a $32,000 couch with $1,000 throw pillows — all of which were purchased at the expense of West Virginia taxpayers.

The impeachment effort against the justices was led by local Republicans, who were outraged when the spending spree was first made public.

“They think they’re better than everybody in this state that works a blue-collar job,” Republican Delegate Mike Folk said at the time. “The average citizen in the state of West Virginia is appalled.”

Democrats tried to portray the move as a massive power grab by conservatives, but the justice system proved Republicans right and Democrats wrong.

When you break the law and abuse your power, you deserve to go to jail. And that’s why Loughry is sitting behind bars.

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