Supreme Court set to expand gun rights with Trump appointees at the helm

The Second Amendment may soon get a much-needed boost from the Supreme Court.

What many seem to consider an insignificant gun law in New York is about to end up in front of the justices, and their decision could end up destroying any and all liberal attacks on the Second Amendment.

Beyond City Limits

The issue at hand is whether New York gun owners with what are called “premises licenses” are able to transport their guns across city limits.

As it stands right now, they are not permitted to do so. This is even the case when the gun is unloaded, locked in a case, and separate from the ammunition.

The license also does not permit gun owners to take their weapons to gun ranges or hunting grounds outside of the city.

Liberals believe this measure prevents gun violence on the streets — but that argument makes the assumption that most people using their guns for violence have purchased the weapons legally and would abide by this restriction, which is absolutely ludicrous.

Last week, it was announced the Supreme Court will hear this case next term, which means a decision on the case could be issued as soon as October.

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Liberal Fear

Meanwhile, liberals have been so afraid of the impending ruling that some are encouraging legislators to lighten the restrictions and change the law on their own, which would make the case moot. They fear that if this case goes before a more conservative-leaning Supreme Court, the justices may make a ruling that gives far more bite to the Second Amendment than it currently has.

But the Second Amendment outlines a constitutional right that is constantly being challenged and disrespected by liberals, who regularly confuse how law-abiding citizens obtain and use guns and how criminals obtain and use them.

Liberals are living in a dream world, where posting a “gun-free zone” sticker means no criminals with bad intents will enter that area. But we have all seen what happens in gun-free zones: innocent people die because nobody can defend themselves against an armed maniac.

With a 5-4 edge on the Supreme Court for conservatives, the onus of any decision made by the high court will more than likely fall on Chief Justice John Roberts.

And it is his likely decision that is striking fear into anti-Second Amendment zealots.

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