Supreme Court grants temporary stay of subpoena for Trump tax returns: Report

President Donald Trump secured a much-needed victory from the Supreme Court. According to The New York Times, Trump was granted a temporary block on an appeals court ruling that required him to turn over tax records to a House committee. 

Now, the case will be put on hold while the justices determine how to proceed.

Chasing financial records

President Trump has infuriated Democrats by bucking the trend of presidential candidates releasing tax returns during the elections. This has led to several attempts to obtain tax returns via legal action.

The case in question started when the House Oversight and Reform Committee subpoenaed Trump’s accounting firm to obtain his tax returns after a D.C. circuit judge ruled in favor of the committee’s request last month, according to Fox News.

Another subpoena from Manhattan prosecutors is seeking eight years of personal and business tax returns, and Trump has also filed a similar request to block that action as well, according to the Times.

The primary issue with both of these actions is that there is no reasonable cause for Trump to suspect wrongdoing. In fact, some Trump tax returns are already out there and don’t show any evidence of tax evasion, according to USA Today.

President Trump has paid more in taxes than most Americans will earn overall in their lifetime. So why were these subpoenas issued?

Political attacks

President Trump’s tax returns have been a favorite topic of Democrats, the speculation about Trump not paying taxes has remained the talk of D.C.

The issue is that there is no probable cause to suspect Trump is a tax evader. So why else are there two different entities pushing a subpoena for his records?

It is no secret that Democrats are willing to use any means to attack the president. Without a criminal investigation, the House Oversight and Reform Committee possesses no legal power to obtain Trump’s private records.

Additionally, the committee is headed by Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), which really raises the question that perhaps this is another politically motivated hit job.

Still, this most recent Supreme Court decision only stays the ruling handed down by a D.C. court that Trump’s tax returns may be obtained by the House. The temporary stay allows the Supreme Court to decide whether they will take on the actual case or not — so the battle isn’t over for Trump yet.

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