Supreme Court grants Indiana’s request to lift stay on abortion law requiring parental consent for minors to get an abortion

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has given Indiana the green light to begin enforcing a law that prevents minors from accessing abortion without their parent’s consent.

Justice Roberts granted a request from Indiana to fast-track normal procedures and lifted the stay on the law following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Originally, the stay wasn’t to be lifted until July 25th, when a formal notification from the Supreme Court was delivered to lower courts. Now Indiana and other states can immediately begin enforcing abortion bans and other restrictions.

Supreme Court being proactive

The Supreme Court is actively working to ensure that technical roadblocks impeding the progress of the pro-life agenda are being removed.

States that pass pro-life legislation will have a helping hand from the Supreme Court, and they are going to need it.

Leftists nationwide are up in arms and activist groups in connection with the Democrat Party are going to be dumping everything into blocking and slowing the pro-life agenda.

Indiana’s law is particularly important as it pushes back on a disturbing movement by the left to offer abortion to minors without the consent or knowledge of their parents. Such a situation has been exploited by human traffickers and sexual predators and must be stopped immediately.

The new law requires any individual under 18 to get consent from a parent or a guardian before getting an abortion.

The law does make an exception by allowing a minor to petition a court to waive the requirement. This common-sense legislation should always have been the law of the land, but thanks to radical activists, the opposite was and is still the case in many states.

The fight is just beginning

The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade has begun a battle that will last years. The abortion issue will now be decided along state lines as the Supreme Court ended any notion of abortion as a Constitutional right.

Democrats are attempting to hold onto power in the House of Representatives, but they also need to control the Senate if they want any hopes of using Congress to win the abortion battle.

Unfortunately for Democrats, there is a strong chance that they will lose the House of Representatives and the Senate. Americans are leaning Republican this upcoming election, and that is bad news for Democrats hoping to push back against the pro-life agenda.

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