Supreme Court blocks gerrymandering ruling in Ohio and Michigan

Democrats in Ohio and Michigan thought they had the next election all figured out, but the Supreme Court may have just thrown a major monkey wrench in the system for them.

On Friday, the Supreme Court set aside previous rulings about gerrymandering in both Ohio and Michigan.

The decision means Democrats in those two states will have to wait until a decision in the Maryland and North Carolina cases is decided before learning of their own fate.

Gerrymandering Charges

Gerrymandering cases became prominent this year after new rules were made in several states concerning upcoming elections.

Outgoing parties claimed unfair district lines were not properly representing these districts and would ensure that the other party stayed in power.

Two states already have cases before the Supreme Court. Both Maryland and North Carolina expect a ruling from the Supreme Court within the next month or so on their cases.

The Supreme Court no doubt set aside the decisions in both Ohio and Michigan for that reason. Whatever the decision in the North Carolina and Maryland cases, it will likely impact what happens in Ohio and Michigan.

Ohio and Michigan

The outcome will no doubt be of importance for the Republican party. Currently, Republicans hold a majority of the seats in Ohio.

Michigan, however, is dead even, with each party holding seven seats.

Fully expecting this decision from the Supreme Court, the GOP has not made any effort thus far to redraw the district lines as of  yet. This issue has come before the court before, but the outcome was very much undecided.

However, in those cases, Kennedy was on the bench.

Kavanaugh presents a new problem, because nobody knows exactly where he sits on this issue, as this will be his first opinion in a gerrymandering suit.

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