Substantial number of Dems unlikely to support Biden re-election bid: Poll

Speculation has long swirled around the possibility of President Joe Biden seeking re-election upon the completion of his first term in the White House.

Even if he does launch a bid for four more years, however, a recent poll indicates that he would face significant political hurdles by members of his own party.

Trouble among Democrats

The data revealed that fewer than 6 in 10 Democrats would vote for Biden if his name is at the top of the ballot in 2024.

In its latest report, the Trafalgar Group cited responses from polling conducted between the end of April and the first week of May. Just 36.7% of party members said they would “absolutely” vote for Biden in 2024 and another 20.7% would “likely” vote for him again.

While a total of 57.4% are leaning toward supporting a potential Biden re-election bid, 7.9% of Democrats surveyed said they would “consider” voting for him.

On the other hand, 22% of Democratic respondents signaled that they were either “unlikely” or “very unlikely” to give Biden a shot at a second term.

While that number might seem low on the surface, it potentially represents nearly 18 million of the more than 81 million voters who cast a ballot for Biden in November.

Mixed bag for Harris

Pollsters also asked respondents for their thoughts about hypothetical candidates in the event that Biden limits his presidency to one term. Unsurprisingly, Vice President Kamala Harris led the pack with 41.3% of Democratic primary voters signaling their support.

Roughly 26% said they would vote for “someone else.” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) followed at a distance with 9.3% and 8% support, respectively.

While Biden is at least remaining above water in terms of job approval in most polls, Harris appears to be fairing notably worse.

In a recent YouGov poll, just 41% of Americans hold a favorable opinion of her with 48% viewing her unfavorably. Less than three in four Democrats held a favorable view at the time of the survey.

Her poor performance should come as little surprise following a series of controversial decisions, including a refusal to visit the nation’s southern border amid a surge in immigration. If she hopes to remain near the top of her party’s possible presidential contenders, it seems she has a lot of work to do between now and 2024.

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