'Stupidity Never Ends with this Administration'

February 9, 2023
World Net Daily

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A member of Congress has delivered a blunt, and damning, assessment of the Biden administration's announced plans to consider declaring a "public health emergency" to force abortion on states that now do not allow it.


Actually, Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., told the Daily Signal in an interview, "This stupidity never ends with this administration."

A "public health emergency?" "I'm sorry. that is just ridiculous."

She continued, "Of all the things going on today, the fact that you're paying upwards of $12 for a dozen of eggs … . And they have really enforced this unconstitutional [vaccine] mandate across the board on health care workers, on federal employees, on our military, and now they want to declare another national emergency around abortion, around the issue of taking someone's life.

"It really speaks to the priorities of this administration and how truly disconnected from reality and the American people and their priorities that they truly are."

She said a reasonable grade for Biden's performance after two years in office would be an "F-minus."

The interview was done for the "Problematic Women" podcast at The Daily Signal.

"For me, this is pretty simple. I am pro-life, and I think that we as a nation, need to take a stand. Earlier in the year, one of the first bills that were brought to the floor, I’m really proud of myself and [Reps. Ann Wagner of Missouri and Steve Scalise of Louisiana]. We worked together to advance the Abortion Survivor Protection Act, which simply said that if a child survived an abortion and was outside the womb, that medical professionals had to deliver lifesaving care," she explained.

"Democrats voted that down. They voted against that, and I repeatedly said, 'This is not about pro-life, pro-choice. This is about a child that is outside the womb that is breathing, that is struggling for life, and you want to deny it basic care.' That says a lot about us as a people, as a nation, and who we are as a society," she explained. "I don’t like where we’re heading. We have a complete disregard for life, and it’s got to change. So, as a result, my team and I were working as the co-chairs of the Pro-Life Caucus announcing the Sanctity of Life Project, which is a compilation of legislative initiatives that not only protect life in the womb but beyond."

Included, she said, would be issues such as "supporting families, encouraging adoption and fostering, combating human trafficking, protecting the special-needs community, really going above and beyond to make the case that life is valuable, it’s worth protecting and saving, and that it is who we are as Americans."

Also discussed was the developing fight over raising the nation's debt ceiling – needed now because of the massive spending plans adopted by Democrats during the last Congress – who spent money they knew the nation didn't have.

Republicans in the U.S. House are asking for spending cuts to accompany a change in the ceiling, but Biden has refused to discuss the issue, demanding permission to spend at will.

"One, it’s pretty irresponsible for the president to say, 'No, we’re not going to negotiate,' especially when he has been a significant contributor to us getting to this point. You can’t spend nearly $10 trillion in two years and then not accept responsibility for it. Not to mention that at this point, he’s over a month late in delivering his budget, so he has to come to the table as an adult," Cammack said.

"He doesn’t get to stomp his feet and cross his fingers or his arms and say, 'I’m not going to play anymore and take my ball and go home.' Doesn’t work like that. So, he broke it. He needs to come to the table and help fix it. And so, Republicans, we’re being the adults in the room. We have a couple of things that we need to do."

She said those include making structural reforms so this situation is not repeated. One of those issues, she said, should be addressing the fact the nation has 1.3 million regulations, which costs the nation trillions annually.

She said Republicans are not asking to cut Society Security and Medicare – even though Democrats repeatedly have made that claim.

She said balancing the budget, then eventually lowering the debt, is going to take tough discussions with "the adults in the room."

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