Stunning video exposes how trans activists 'conquered American life'

July 11, 2023
World Net Daily

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A new, powerful, concise video by investigative journalist Christopher Rufo exposes the monied interests, activist intellectuals, and influential doctors behind the aggressive "trans" revolution in America.

The video, "The Transgender Empire: How the trans movement conquered American Life," is produced by the Manhattan Institute and published on Rufo's Substack page, as well as YouTube. Rufo is a senior fellow at the institute and one of the nation's leading authorities on (trans)"gender ideology," its "queer theory" foundation, and "critical race theory," or CRT.

"This is the great project of the transgender movement: to abolish the distinctions of man and woman, to transcend the limitations established by creation, to hitch the personal struggle of trans individuals to the political struggle of revolution," says Rufo, summarizing the fanatical aims of early transgender theorists. "All of society must be reorganized to affirm their identities, and more importantly, their politics."

His video is a secular primer of sorts for those wanting to understand how America arrived at the point where radical transgender ideology – once relegated to fringe discussions on left-dominated college campuses – would hold such a grip on the nation that most major hospitals, big corporations, schools and even the White House under the Democrat Party, would do its bidding.

A war against Western society

Rufo exposes the quasi-Marxist nature of trans ideology and "queer theory." He quotes "queer" theorist Susan Stryker (a man attempting to live as a woman), who argues that "the transsexual body is a technological construction that represents a war against Western society," Rufo explains.

"I am a transsexual, and therefore I am a monster," Stryker is quoted as writing in his "Trans Movement Manifesto." Rufo continues: "And this body, Stryker says, is destined to channel its rage and revenge against the 'naturalized heterosexual order,' against 'traditional family values,' and against the 'hegemonic oppression' of nature itself."

"There's something important to understand here," Rufo says, "the transgender movement is inherently political, using the construction of personal identity to advance a collective political vision. ... Some transgender activists even believe their movement represents the future of Marxism. In a collection of essays titled 'Transgender Marxism,' Rosa Lee argues that trans people can serve as the new vanguard of the proletariat, promising to abolish heteronormativity in the same way that orthodox Marxism promised to abolish capitalism."

School-to-gender-clinic pipeline

In a section called, "The School-to-Gender-Clinic pipeline, Rufo asks: "So how did the trans movement suddenly move from the fringes to the center of public life?" His answer: "Because they built one of the most sophisticated ideological pipelines in American politics."

He hones in on the funding of "gender transitions" and trans activism flowing from the wealth of the Pritzker family in Illinois, highlighting Jennifer Pritzker, born James Pritzker, who "inherited a sizeable part of the Hyatt Hotel fortune." "Almost immediately" after his 2013 transsexual "gender transition," Pritzker "began donating untold millions to universities, schools, hospitals, and activist organizations to promote the queer theory and trans medical experiments."

Meanwhile, his cousin, Illinois' Democrat governor, J.B. Pritzker, "signed legislation pushing radical gender theory in the state education curriculum and directing state Medicaid funds towards transgender surgeries."

Rufo continues: "Here's how the scheme works in practice: [Gov.] Pritzker-funded activists at Chicago's largest children's hospital provide local schools with training, materials, and personnel promoting child gender transitions, using the reputation of the hospital to provide their ideology with a scientific veneer." He describes how materials he has uncovered through Lurie Children's Hospital's "gender" programs "exposed children not only to trans ideology, but to kink, BDSM [sadomasochism], breast binders, and artificial penis packers."

"The goal, according to the Children's Hospital, is to disrupt entrenched norms in Western society and to guide vulnerable students towards transgender medicine as the cure," Rufo states. "The result is a sophisticated school-to-gender-clinic pipeline. Teachers, counselors, doctors, and influencers, many of whom are governed or subsidized by members of the Pritzker family, all push kids towards the science and politics of transgenderism."

'Poor, black, traumatized youth' targeted

The next section of the video, "The Synthesis of All Oppressions," describes how the pro-transgender network is targeting one of the poorest cities near Detroit, Highland Park, through the well-funded Ruth Ellis Center, "Metro Detroit's central laboratory for the synthesis of transgender science and politics."

"The Center's marketing pitch is an amalgam of all the fashionable left-wing buzzwords: trauma-informed care, restorative justice, harm reduction, racial equity, and gender-affirming care," he states. After playing an excerpt of a pediatrician explaining trans procedures, Rufo sates: "Keep in mind, these are not the white, affluent, educated male-to-female trans individuals who are the public face of the movement. These are poor, black, traumatized youth from the furthest reaches of the Detroit ghetto. They suffer from enormously high rates of family breakdown, substance abuse, mental illness, and suicidal behavior. And they're told that gender transition, the latest promise of therapeutic liberalism, will solve all their problems."

"The most elite members of our society, affluent, highly educated, left-wing female doctors, are using the marvels of modern medicine to manufacture the ultimate oppression: the poor black trans woman," he says. "The doctors at the Ellis Center have created the new face of the proletariat, the highest authority in the intersectional hierarchy, and they've embedded the revolution into the very biology of their patients."

In the final part of the video, titled, "Frankenstein's Nihilism," Rufo exposes the shocking reality of trans "surgeries," including one called "nullification": "In this procedure, doctors perform a castration ... on the patient, then create a smooth, continuous skin covering from the abdomen to the groin, reducing the genitalia to nothing."

"This barbaric procedure is the perfect symbol for the ideology itself. Nullification is the pursuit of the Latin nullam, meaning nothing, and that is exactly where trans ideology ends. A profound nihilism that denies human nature and enables barbarism in the name of progress."

The YouTube video breaks "Transgender Empire" into four sections for easier viewing.

Below is a May 2022 interview by then-Fox host Tucker Carlson with Rufo:

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