‘Stunning Rebuke’: Ex-FBI Boss Slams ‘Wholesale Takeover’ of Bureau by Leftists

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

In a statement that the news agency Just the News has described as a “stunning rebuke,” former Assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker charged that the bureau has been taken over by “liberal DOJ ideologues.”

The result, he said in an interview with the publication, is improper domestic spying and censorship.

It is known now that during the 2020 election, the bureau interfered in the ordinary campaign process by urging social media companies to censor accurate – but damaging – information about the Biden family’s overseas business operations.

A Media Research Center poll revealed that 36% of self-described Biden voters said they were not aware of the evidence behind claims that Joe Biden was personally embroiled in his son Hunter’s deals with China, but 13% of those voters, 4.6% of all Biden voters, said they would not have voted for Biden had they known.

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That percentage change most likely would have given Donald Trump his second term in the White House.

Just the News reported, “In a stunning rebuke, the FBI’s retired chief of criminal investigations says his old agency has yielded the independence Congress gave it under the law and is now subservient to a group of liberal ideologues inside the Justice Department who have pressured agents to stray into unwarranted domestic spying and censorship.”

“What I see is that it’s basically a wholesale takeover by the Department of Justice, which is filled with political appointees in every top position, and then by extension, right into the administration,” he told the John Solomon Reports podcast.

“You see DOJ people — and many of the top executive positions inside the FBI now — you see people that have made a career out of bouncing in and out of silk-stocking law firms between the Department of Justice and then these law firms. And I have to say they are incredibly liberal in their politics. And that has now sort of taken over the FBI, and they are inserting that ideology into their high-profile investigations,” he said.

The FBI also colluded with Democrat operatives during the 2016 election when Trump beat two-time loser Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, conspiring to create the now-debunked “Russia collusion” claims against Trump’s campaign, even using faked evidence in court to obtain permission to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Secker said it would be a good idea to have an independent commission modeled after the U.S. Senate’s 1970s Church Committee to investigate the FBI’s practices and reform it.

The report said Swecker also cited as evidence of the loss of the FBI’s independence its links to Big Tech social media firms, exposed recently by information released by Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Originally, those links were intended to legitimately counter foreign influence operations. But now they’ve been “spying and censorship” operations against Americans, the report explained.

“The FBI has an industry outreach program to help exchange information with industry, helping in the counterintelligence efforts of the FBI. This has gone well beyond that. This is nothing but domestic spying, and this is nothing but suppression of First Amendment rights and ideas,” he charged.

Congress should launch a “line of inquiry,” he said.

Others who have discussed a blue ribbon panel to investigate have included House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and retired FBI intelligence chief Kevin Brock.

Swecker said we’ve come “full circle” from the days when the Church committee held a full inquiry into what some viewed as serious abuses regarding domestic surveillance.

He cited the FBI’s entanglement in labeling school parents “domestic terrorists” as well as what he called its “bare-knuckles” attacks on Trump, versus “kid gloves cases” against Hillary Clinton and others.

Congress, he said, needs “to shine some light on this.”

He retired as the assistant director for criminal investigations after 24 years inside the FBI.

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