Stunning number of Democrats want Joe Biden off 2024 ballot

 May 28, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The massive injury inflation has inflicted on American families, nearly 20% under Joe Biden. His open borders policies that have created crime problems, housing issues and more. His far-left agenda points of transgenderism and abortion. His secret orders that federal agencies, using tax money, work with extremist groups to recruit Democrat voters.

All of these have been part of his declining popularity, an approval rating that has dipped below 40%.

But now there's new bad news for the gaffe-prone and beleaguered octogenarian: More Democrats would be happy to see him off the ballot than Republicans.

The GOP attitude is understandable given the assumption that he's more likely to be a loser in the 2024 balloting than some others.

But the Democrats?

The numbers come from a Rasmussen Reports poll delivered early to Washington Secrets.

There, 54% of Democrats say they'd be all right with the party removing Biden from the ballot. Only 38% said no. But among GOP respondents, only 43% said they were all right with the Democrats removing Biden. Among independents, the number was higher, 50%.

The report noted, "More Democrats than Republicans want President Joe Biden kicked off the ticket, a shocking dismissal of the party chief just months before Election Day."

A change actually is unlikely, unless Biden himself takes his name out of discussion, the report noted, as he's collected 3,664 delegates when he needs only 1,968 to win the nomination.

And, the report noted, Democrats, "have no alternative in mind other than former first lady Michelle Obama, who has repeatedly vowed not to run."

The report explained, "The lack of a good second choice may play a role in depressing Democrats. While Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has been the most talked about alternative, just 8% of Democrats think he would be a better presidential candidate than Biden. For Obama, it was 21%. Vice President Kamala Harris was considered a better pick than Biden by 17% of Democrats. The top pick was 'none of them,' at 31%."

Among all respondents, 49% said they would approve of Biden being replaced on the ticket.

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