'Stunning betrayal': Biden must resign if he greenlit Iran's strike on Israel

 April 17, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden already is trailing President Donald Trump in many of the polls addressing the coming election in swing states – those vote totals that most likely will decide the presidency.

He attacks Trump constantly, threatening Americans that the probable GOP candidate would destroy "democracy," as running on his own accomplishments likely isn't going to happen.

Those would be inflation of some 19% since he took office, a world in turmoil, a southern border crisis that is threatening the wellbeing of even "sanctuary" cities, trillions in spending on "green" ideologies, and much more.

Of course, his age and mental capacities loom large and ominous in the campaign.

But now there's a new headwind: A call for him to be "compelled to resign" if, in fact, a report that he knew in advance of Iran's plans to launch a war against Israel, and did nothing, is correct.

The call appeared this week from Peter Laffin, a contributor to the Washington Examiner who also has written in RealClearPolitics and the National Catholic Register.

He reported, "An anonymous Turkish diplomat told Reuters this week that Turkey played the role of a back channel intermediary between the United States and Iran in the run-up to the Iranian missile strike in Israel. According to the source, Tehran informed Turkey of its plans for the strike in advance in an effort to limit the potential for further escalation. In response, the U.S. allegedly conveyed to Tehran through Ankara that any action would have to be 'within certain limits.' The White House has denied the claim."

But, he said, "If the report is accurate, and, in particular, if President Joe Biden greenlit a strike against a key American ally, he must be compelled to resign the presidency immediately.

"Such an act, even if taken with the apparent best long-term interests of the ally in mind, represents a stunning betrayal that has the potential to erode trust among allies around the globe. Given the swift rise of the authoritarian axis in the East in recent years, coupled with America’s waning global influence, a scandal of this magnitude must not be tolerated."

He pointed out that the "alleged approval" actually "fits within Biden's overall stance toward Tehran, which is largely indistinguishable from that of former President Barack Obama. In the Obama-Biden view, Iran is not a rogue nation bent on the destruction of the West — the frequent 'death to America' chants by lawmakers and citizens notwithstanding — but a rational international actor that can be reasoned with and bought off at the right price."

After all, under Obama the U.S. sent "billions of taxpayer dollars" to Iran's mullahs to purchase a temporary and "toothless" nuclear deal.

President Trump pulled America out of the scheme, but Biden has tried vigorously to rejoin.

And he's "courting Tehran in other ways... Last September, Biden offered Iran a bouquet of billions in frozen assets as part of a prisoner exchange. One month later, Iran unleashed the Oct. 7 terrorist assault on Israel through its proxy Hamas. It is beyond question that the funds from the prisoner swap freed up other funds for the attack, despite Team Biden’s lame defense of the debacle."

Biden, Laffin charged, "apparently values his relationship with the world’s foremost funder of terrorism as much as his relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East and one of America’s most important allies."

WND earlier reported the exchange that apparently happened before Iran's attack was that that rogue regime sent signals through intermediaries that reached Biden about its pending assault, and his apparent response was that it must be "within certain limits."

It was Reuters that reported a diplomatic source said Iran told Turkey about the plans to attack, and "Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be 'within certain limits.'"

Reuters said the Turkish source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed "Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan had spoken to both his U.S. and Iranian counterparts … to discuss the planned Iranian operation, adding Ankara had been made aware of possible developments."

The report explained Iran's attack was in response to Israel's decision to take out suspected targets at an embassy in Damascus.

A report from Israel365News also explained how Iranian officials "communicated their intent to launch a massive attack against Israel with the intention that this message be conveyed to the United States."

That report explained through those same diplomatic channels, "the U.S. conveyed its tacit assent" on one condition.

There have been reports that Biden is working hard to appease Muslims in America because of their large population presence in the swing state of Michigan.

They've been angered that he did not take a more negative attitude toward Israel when it responded militarily against Hamas in Gaza after those terrorists slaughtered some 1,200 Israeli citizens in an attack last Oct. 7.

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