Stunner! Even Washington Post admits Biden's lies cause people to doubt him

August 31, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden's lies are legendary by this point. He has that famous discussion about train travel with a train worker – who was dead by then. He watched that Pittsburgh bridge collapse, which was truly a miracle since it had fallen several hours earlier, and must have resurrected itself to fall again for Biden.

WND has documented Biden's lies over the years, including his oft-repeated claims that he never discussed with his son Hunter the international business deals he was arranging. He even lied about lying:

A reporter asked Biden, "Did you lie about never speaking with Hunter about his business deals?" To which Biden said, "No."

Now Fox News is reporting that even a Washington Post fact-checker, who has leaned a little more than left over the years – and against President Trump – called Biden out for his outright fabrications.

Only Glenn Kessler, taking exception to stories Biden has told, said it's a result of Biden's "propensity to exaggerate or embellish."

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