Study reveals who's most prone to 'violent radicalization'

March 29, 2023
World Net Daily

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A year-old study of 3,100 college youth in Canada found that "transgender" and "gender-variant" youth are the highest risk group for supporting "violent radicalization."

In the aftermath of Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old woman who identified as transgender and advertised her "preferred pronouns" as "He/Him," murdering three 9-year-old children and three adult staff members at a private, Christian elementary school in Nashville, the study, titled, "Meaning in Life, Future Orientation and Support for Violent Radicalization among Canadian College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic," is drawing renewed attention.

"Transgender and gender-diverse youth emerge as the group at the highest risk of support for VR [Violent Radicalization]," the study in the journal Frontiers of Psychiatry by five Canadian academics states. "This is in line with results of a recent survey conducted during the [COVID] pandemic that highlighted high levels of support for VR as well as psychological distress among gender minorities."

The study's authors describe "gender minorities" as an "often-overlooked population who may be suffering more in the present context of social adversity."

This is in line with the most academic (and governmental) treatment of LGBT issues in which pathologies associated with LGBT "sexual minorities" and, in this case, "gender minorities" are said to be caused by the larger society, e.g., "homophobic" and "transphobic" attitudes, rather than being endemic to these aberrant and immoral lifestyles themselves.

The study focuses mainly on the harms of the COVID pandemic on young people's mental and emotional stability. The revelation about "transgender" youth is not mentioned in the paper's abstract, and readers must go to the ninth page of the study to find it.

In layman's terms, "Violent Radicalization," or VR, is essentially political or religious violence. The authors describe VR as "a complex and multidimensional phenomenon defined as a process whereby an individual or a group increases support for violence as a legitimate means to reach a specific (e.g., political, social, and religious) goal."

The students, ranging in age from 16-25, rated themselves while answering a series of online questions, including this one: "I would continue to support an organization that fights for my group's political and legal rights even if the organization sometimes resorts to violence.”

In the wake of the Nashville tragedy, the web is awash in images for trans activists brandishing weapons as an in-your-face response to the huge and growing backlash against the leftist trans agenda that includes: advocating body-mutilating "gender-confirming surgeries" and cross-sex "hormone treatments" for youth; "crusading for allowing biological boys and men who claim to be "trans girls" or "trans women" to participate in competitive sports with actual girls and women; and perverse "drag queen" shows and "children's" book-reading events for toddlers that involve cross-dressing homosexual men.

MAGA conservative Ryan Fournier tweeted this video Tuesday: "Look at this … Another transgender activist showing off their firearm in a threatening demeanor. But the useless @FBI won’t do a thing!"

Depression and suicide

The Canadian study notes the "mounting evidence on the positive association between depression and support for VR," and states what many across the world have recognized: "the increase in depressive symptoms in youth during the pandemic."

"Depression involves a lack of hope and pessimism that might make extremist ideologies that promote agency and empowerment especially appealing and is associated with a negative vision of the future and lack of purpose in life," it states.

Such depression might have afflicted Hale, who some observers say committed "suicide by cop" in her deadly rampage — a self-caused death that came quickly due to the Nashville P.D.'s rapid response to the crisis.

Conservatives and some media organizations are calling on Nashville police to release Hale's "manifesto," although left-leaning LGBT activist groups are in favor of keeping it hidden, perhaps fearful it will reveal a consciously anti-Christian agenda consistent with the "hate crime" that many are saying her evil act was.

"We need to know what was going through this person's head, and the manifesto should be made public," Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett told Fox News Digital Monday.

Ironically, the Canadian authors' solution to giving young people a more positive and fulfilled "meaning of life," thereby avoiding their embrace of "Violent Radicalization," is "interventions" through "educational institutions" — even though many Americans are blaming one-sided, pro-LGBT "indoctrination" in K-12 schools and higher ed for fueling the trans contagion in the first place.

In its report Tuesday on the Canadian study, Breitbart linked to a tweet referencing an older (2011) Swedish study of "Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery." That study, like so much of academic research on transsexuals and individuals pursuing "gender change," is loaded with data exposing the extremely disproportionate pathologies associated with those pursuing what was once called "sex change," then "sex re-assignment," and now, "gender confirmation" procedures.

Ex-transsexual Walt Heyer, who went through the body-mutilating "surgeries" in his quest to live as a "woman," but who abandoned that lifestyle and now counsels against it, cited the Swedish study on his site, "A 2011 long-term follow-up study in Sweden concurs. People who underwent GAT [gender-affirming treatment] were 19 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population."

The follow-up study of 324 transsexuals found that "Sex-reassigned transsexual persons of both genders had approximately a three times higher risk of all-cause mortality than controls." That included elevated rates for "psychiatric hospitalization," "violent crime," suicide attempts, and substance abuse.

But even before these subjects underwent the trans "reassignment" procedures, their propensity to have mental illness was much higher than the average population [emphasis added]: "Transsexual individuals had been hospitalized for psychiatric morbidity other than gender disorders prior to sex reassignment about four times more often than controls," it states.

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