Study on transgender adolescents taken down by facts

A new study led by an LGBT activist that purported to undermine the concept that “social” influences contribute to the transgender identity wave among America’s youth has been debunked.

By the facts.

According to a report at the Daily Caller, the study, called “Sex Assigned at Birth Ratio Among Transgender and Gender Diverse Adolescents in the United States,” based its propaganda on a “flawed methodology” to lobby for so-called “gender-affirming” care for girls to identify as transgenders.

Those treatments routinely include chemicals as well as body-mutilating surgeries.

The claims surfaced in an article in Pediatrics, and suggest the percentage of youth identifying as transgender is not increasing, and biological males who claim to be transgender still outnumber females.

The conclusion then is that “social contagion” isn’t triggering teens to turn trans.

Even though there’s no explanation for groups and cliques of teen girls all of a sudden all going “trans” at the same time, which has been documented over and over.

The Daily Caller report noted that, “The lead author of the study, Dr. Jack Turban, is himself a member of the LGBT community and an outspoken advocate for such interventions.”

Irish psychotherapist Stella O’Malley explained to the Daily Caller, “There’s been an extraordinary rise is young females identifying as transgender and seeking gender care in every country that’s catalogued this. We see it in schools, we see it in clinics, we see it at the world’s largest pediatric gender clinic, GIDS at Tavistock, which saw a 5,337% rise in adolescent girls in the last decade.”

She said it used to be that young boys and middle-aged men were the only societal components seeking “gender-affirming” care.

The study claimed to review information from 2017 and 2019, the report said, “during which the proportion of transgender people who were female at birth reportedly increased slightly but remained under 50% — and argued that this invalidated concerns that identifying as transgender is a social contagion that’s primarily impacting adolescent girls.”

However, the report explained that researchers “assumed” the sex reported by transgender respondents was their biological sex at birth, without any evidence for that.

University of Oxford Sociologist Michael Biggs explained to the Daily Caller the possibility that researchers incorrectly assumed transgender respondents meant “sex at birth” when they responded to the question and that would be an explanation of why the findings were the “opposite” of what other related studies have found.

The report explained, “The proportion of youth who were transgender decreased from 2.4% in 2017 to 1.6% in 2019, and the rate of born-male to born-female transgender youths went from 1.5:1 to 1.2:1.”

The lead author on the study, Turban, in fact told the Daily Caller News Foundation, “Overall, the percentage of adolescents who were openly transgender wasn’t dramatically different in 2017 and 2019.”

The report explained media outlets “parroted” the conclusions without criticism even though there were “methodological issues with the study.”

NBC, in fact, concluded the study said “social contagion isn’t causing the increases in youths identifying as transgender, as did articles in U.S. News and The Hill.”

One other author, Alex Keuroghlian, claimed there’s just a lack of evidence that “transgender and gender diverse youth assigned female at birth identify as transgender due to social contagion.”

However, Candice Jackson, former assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights, pointed out, “There is no explanation given for how, unlike with homosexuality, we’re seeing entire friend groups and entire segments of classrooms adopting trans identities together.

“One thing this study highlights is that, because we have already gone down the road of accepting in the legal realm, the scientific realm and the medical realm, the notion that sex is so offensive to some people that you might not even ask about it or expect a factual answer.”

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