College student quarantined due to positive coronavirus test: ‘I feel fine’

To hear some in the mainstream media talk about it, contracting COVID-19 is a veritable death sentence. But in reality, most infections result in only mild symptoms for young to middle-aged adults in generally good health, with the more serious risks borne by the elderly and those with underlying health issues.

This has proven true in the case of a young college student in New York who tested positive for the viral illness after falling sick on a Spring Break vacation, and who is now all but fully recovered midway through his 14-day home quarantine, Fox News reported.

Coronavirus patient: “I feel fine”

Max Schulman, a Vanderbilt University student from Long Island, New York, traveled to Barcelona, Spain, for his Spring Break and became sick around the time that he was set to return home, where he eventually tested positive for COVID-19 and was quarantined to his room for 14 days.

On Sunday, he spoke with Fox News to share his story of how he’d become sick and how his quarantine and recovery had gone thus far.

Asked how he was doing, Schulman said: “You know, all things considered, I have coronavirus, I’m quarantined in my room. I’ve been quarantined for a week. Other than that, as you can probably see, I feel fine.

“I’ve been doing my workouts in my room, I’ve been eating pretty regularly — as much as a teenaged boy generally does — I’ve been doing work,” he continued.

“I haven’t had any symptoms in five days, so I’m generally feeling pretty fine right now,” the student added. “This disease isn’t that dangerous for someone of my age and health, fortunately, thank God.”

Infection likely occurred in Europe

Schulman went on to explain how he didn’t begin to feel any of the symptoms of his illness until he was at the airport in Barcelona ahead of his return to New York.

What began as a feeling of fatigue soon turned to a feeling of deliriousness and restlessness on the plane, followed later by a high fever of 102 degrees after he had arrived back home. That’s when he realized that “something” was seriously wrong and prompted him to seek medical help.

However, as noted, he has essentially already made a full recovery from the illness, and said of his quarantine, “I’ve been here for seven days, and I’ve got seven more days, so I’m buckling up.”

Heeding the advice of experts

Asked for any advice he could give those who may currently or soon be facing the same situation, Schulman urged everyone to heed the precautions issued by medical professionals and experts like those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local departments of health.

In the end, at least for those of us who aren’t yet elderly and don’t have underlying health issues, the new coronavirus is nothing most Americans can’t handle with some food, hydration, good hygiene, over-the-counter medications to treat the symptoms, and plenty of rest while isolated at home.

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