Assad just gave Iraq authorization to strike ISIS inside Syria — without waiting for approval

Syria is already making aggressive moves in anticipation of the United States withdrawal of troops from their country.

In a stunning announcement, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave the green light to Iraq to attack ISIS within its borders without waiting for approval from Syrian officials.

Taking on the Enemy

Iraq and Syria have decided that it’s now up to them to take on ISIS.

With President Trump announcing he will be removing troops from the area, Syria leadership is revving up its own efforts against ISIS to ensure the terrorists do not gain a strong foothold there again.

While Iraqi forces have regularly conducted bombing missions on Syrian soil, they have always had to wait until the military strikes were approved by Syrian officials.

That stipulation has now been removed, giving Iraq a lot more flexibility to carry out missions as it sees fit.

Keeping Them Out

One of Trump’s reasons for removing U.S. troops from Syria is because he believes that ISIS has been largely defeated in the area.

President Trump said he believes the hard work has been done and Syria, along with its middle eastern allies, should be able to finish the job.

But while Trump’s announcement was not well-received by military leaders and politicos, he seems to be standing firm on his decision.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), on whom Trump has relied heavily to push his MAGA agenda in Congress, was vocally opposed to Trump pulling out the troops.

Graham said he wants “to fight the war in the enemy’s backyard, not ours.”

But after a lunch with the president, Graham seems to be back on our side.

Meanwhile, Syria seems to be ready to move forward without the help of the United States.

In addition to allowing Iraq to operate its strikes without approval, the country has also opened up its financial system to its allies, offering “full cooperation on the financial and banking levels.”

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According to reports, it will take more than a decade to rebuild Syria from the almost decade-long war.

Costs of rebuilding are expected to top more than $200 billion.

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