Strategy against Trump is failing as only 26% believe he will be convicted in hush money trial

 April 30, 2024

Only about a quarter of people polled believe that former President Donald Trump will be convicted in the New York hush-money case, Breitbart reported. This doesn't bode well as the left's only weapon in their arsenal against Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump was charged with 34 felonies by Manhattan's Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg for allegedly falsifying business records. However, many believe the case is a political ploy meant to knock Trump out of the running.

This perhaps is reflected in the number of respondents who believed that Trump would eventually face conviction. The Economist/YouGov poll, conducted April 21-23, asked whether they believed the former president "will be convicted of a crime."

Overall, just 26% said "yes," while 39% answered "no" to the question, and 41% reported that they were "not sure" of what the verdict would be.  While their opinion has no bearing over the outcome, it points to a problem Democrats face with convincing voters.

A Problem With the Narrative

The narrative surrounding Trump is that he's a criminal who is unfit for office. However, it appears that the story just isn't sticking, even when looking at the breakdown of the poll by party.

Only 37% of Democrats are confident that Trump will be convicted, while another 22% don't believe he will, and 40% are simply not sure. These respondents should be the most convinced as the left pushes the Trump criminality lie, but the numbers don't bear that out.

Predictably, Republicans were less convinced that Trump would be found guilty. Only 17% believe it's possible for him to be convicted of the crime, while 46% believe that outcome to be an impossibility, and another 36% are not sure.

This comes as Trump is facing four separate trials, including the New York one mentioned in the polling, CBS News reported. All of them are meant to make Trump seem untrustworthy or, as in the election interference case in Georgia, dangerous to America.

However, none of it seems to be working at this crucial time, as the election is nearly six months away. The left's strategy is transparent, but Trump will not let them get away with it.

Hitting Back

While Bragg's trial continues to keep Trump in the courtroom instead of out on the campaign trail, the former president is not backing down. "These are all Biden trials," Trump said from outside of the courthouse about his opponent, President Joe Biden.

"This is done as election interference. Everybody knows it," Trump charged.

"I’m here instead of being able to be in Pennsylvania and Georgia, and lots of other places campaigning, and it’s very unfair. Fortunately, the poll numbers are very good," the former president added.

"They’ve been going up because people understand what’s going on." Americans just aren't convinced that Trump is a criminal, even if that's what the Democrats want and need Biden to beat him.

November's election will be the true proving ground for the Democrats' strategy of keeping Trump mired down in legal battles. However, it's clear even now that Democrats are sunk, and Trump's legal situation is not the slam dunk they thought it would be for them.

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