Tucker Carlson announces there’s ‘a story’ behind Nikki Haley’s resignation

One of the true bright spots of the Trump administration shockingly turned in her resignation this week.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday she will be vacating her post at the end of this year. But while Haley, Trump, and others maintain that this is a long-planned departure, Fox’s Tucker Carlson believes a deeper story will come out at some point.

All in Nikki’s Plan

When the news of Haley’s resignation first broke, the nation was stunned.

It is no secret that Haley and Trump did not exactly see eye-to-eye on policy.

Regardless, Haley served as a true pit bull for Trump.

As Tucker Carlson put it, she is “impressively unintimidated.”

As such, Carlson also said if there is some motive behind her resignation, we will find out about it soon enough.

“Everything is [eventually] revealed, nothing is hidden,” Carlson said. “Ultimately, everyone I know believes there is a story here. No one knows what it is.”

During a press conference announcing her resignation, Haley stated that she is a firm believer in term limits and that it is time for her to move on from the position.

Meanwhile, President Trump gave her a very gracious sendoff and said he would find space for her in some capacity if she decided she wanted to return to the administration.

Haley’s Future

Many have speculated that Haley could run against Trump in 2020, but that is clearly not her intention.

Haley herself discounted the notion, adding that she would be campaigning for Trump in 2020.

What people should be asking is what she has in plan after that, though.

Is it unreasonable to think Haley could take Pence’s place on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate in 2020?

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Considering everything that has happened over the last two years, having a woman on the ticket could solve a lot of problems for Trump.

It would also paint the way for Haley and a presidential bid in 2024, much like Reagan did for Bush in the 1988 campaign. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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