Stormy Daniels walks out of strip club mid-performance

Stormy Daniels’ effort to cash in on her newfound fame just hit a little bump in the road.

After reportedly giving the owner of a club she was appearing at a hard time and not honoring her contract — at least in his eyes — Daniels was allegedly fired and stormed out of the club.

The Dispute

Same Cecola, who owns the Admiral Theater, says Daniels was acting unprofessionally.

The porn star apparently arrived at his club acting like a diva, and he was not having any of it.

According to Cecola, Daniels was supposed to attend meetings and rehearsals with this staff, and she decided she was far too good to do that.

Daniels, who reportedly danced at the club almost a decade ago, must have thought her previous experience was good enough — and shame on anyone who thinks differently.

When she became uncooperative, the owner had enough and sent her on her way.

“This … whatever you want to call her … comes into the place and makes everyone wait and didn’t rehearse,” Cecola said of Daniels.

“Last time she was here was eight years ago, we were a different theater then, we remodeled since then. She didn’t see the stage layout,” the club owner added.

In addition to not attending rehearsals and meetings, Daniels was also rather rude to the in-house dancers.

Daniels was slated to appear in five shows, all of which were sold out, so there are going to be a lot of unhappy “fans” out there.

More Money

Another thing the two did not see eye-to-eye on was how much money Daniels was going to be paid.

Daniels told the club owner she was performing for far less than she normally gets for an appearance fee.

That being the case, she wanted a take on merchandise sales and other profit centers for the club.

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Those commissions were apparently not in the contract, and the owner told her to go pound sand.

Now, Stormy Daniels will more than likely find herself in court, because the club owner plans on suing her for breach of contract.

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