Stormy Daniels ran for U.S. Senate in 2009 – against a Republican

We learned a couple of very interesting facts about Stormy Daniels last night that need to be exposed ASAP.

In 2009, Stormy Daniels ran for a U.S. Senate seat AGAINST a Republican, but that is not all.

Hidden Facts

Liberals will no doubt say this is much ado about nothing, but these facts are something that need to be told.

The fact that she ran against a Republican is a BIG deal.

Just as Trump’s presidential run was gaining momentum, Daniels threatened to come forward about the alleged affair.

After she was paid a bounty by Trump’s attorney to just go away, she reneged on the deal.

Trump was finally starting to get some positive press, and Daniels came back into the picture.

This time, though, she was going for blood.

Not only did she make the claim about the alleged affair, she also claimed Trump had some muscle threaten her to keep her mouth shut.

And Another Thing

Daniels reportedly has a history of spousal abuse.

Also, in 2009, and in the midst of her senate run, Daniels was charged with assault.

According to the police report, there was broken glass on the floor of the home when they arrived.

Daniels was also extremely “angry” in her demeanor.

The subject of her wrath? Michael Mosny, Storm Daniels’ ex-husband.

She reportedly threw a flower pot at his head, as well as some candle holders.

There is no debating these events, but the media has somehow managed to keep them all hidden from the public.

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This is a concentrated effort by the deep-state to make Daniels look like a victim, but the truth is slowly coming to the surface.

Stormy clearly has an agenda, and now it is up to We the People to expose it!

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