Stormy Daniels scores a Vogue photoshoot as the media looks for ways to hit Trump

Well, Stormy Daniels is finally starting to reap the benefits of her lawsuit against President Trump.

A new report alleges that Daniels is about to land a photo shoot for Vogue magazine.

Photo Shoot

According to the report, Vogue is lining up Stormy Daniels for either its September or October issue.

Beyonce is scheduled to be the September cover girl, so it stands to reason Daniels’ shoot will not be featured until October.

This will be a liberal’s dream come true, with two Trump adversaries gracing the publication’s pages in back-to-back months.

More Riches

This is not the only windfall Daniels has lined up on her schedule.

Only a few days ago it was reported Celebrity Big Brother is ponying up roughly $650,000 for a one-week stint for Daniels on the show.

The TV reality show wanted to have her on for a full month, but her fee was apparently far too high for the show to meet.

Even so, representatives for the show stated they were ecstatic to have her on and consider it a major “coup” to have landed her for even a week.

Standards Gone

Daniels finds herself in the rather unique situation of being a porn star who is celebrated in the mainstream.

It is hard to remember someone in that industry ever having been so well-received by the mainstream media.

Come to think of it, though, it actually makes sense.

Liberals have turned Jimmy Kimmel into a poster boy for their case.

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Kimmel, who made his living as the host of a misogynist TV show, now takes to the pulpit nightly to shred Trump and conservatives in general.

Funny how liberals these days get selective amnesia when it involves pushing their agenda on the public.

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