Stormy Daniels’ lawyer posts picture of mystery DVD, insinuates existence of sex tape

After Stormy Daniels’ appearance on “60 Minutes,” people are wondering what is next.

Her attorney, Michael Avenatti, may have given everyone some insight to that question by sending out a cryptic tweet, hinting Daniels may actually be in possession of a sex tape.

While he would not officially answer the question when pressed, Avenatti merely told everyone to “stay tuned.”

A Different Kind of Chess

During a recent interview, Avenatti stated the Trump camp thought they were playing a chess match with Daniels.

However, while Trump and company are playing two-dimensional chess, Avenatti says he and Daniels are playing “three-dimensional chess.”

His point being that he and Daniels are very strategically releasing information to counter every move made by Trump and his attorneys.

What Started the Latest Rumors

Avenatti is actually the one that got the talk of a sex tape started when he sent out this tweet…

While he may not have actually revealed very much in this tweet, his implication is pretty clear.

What everyone wants to know, though, is if Daniels and her attorney are just bluffing or if they really have some sort of proof the alleged affair actually happened.

From the outset, Trump has forcefully denied he ever had an affair with Daniels.

It is pretty clear liberals are going to continue to push this in the news cycle because they are looking for anything and everything that will give them grounds to impeach Trump.

Someone is Going Down

The way we see it, there are only two ways this fiasco can end.

The first being Daniels and her attorney actually show the public proof of the alleged affair, which would obviously create a hornet’s nest for Trump.

The second would be Stormy Daniels being hit with a massive lawsuit for violating her NDA.

Daniels already lost her motion for early discovery and is staring down the barrel of a $20 million lawsuit by Trump’s attorneys.

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While she has stated she is willing to repay the $130,000 she was paid, the legal system just doesn’t work that way.

Unfortunately, for all involved, this disgraceful mess does not appear to be going away anytime soon and we are all going to be forced to hear much more about this before it finally fades away.

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