White House: Trump Does Not Believe Stormy Daniels’ Interview Was ‘Accurate’

The Stormy Daniels interview on “60 Minutes” had been hyped for more than a month, but it would appear that is exactly all it really was, hype.

President Trump, after hearing the interviews, released a statement via White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, stating, “The President doesn’t believe any of the claims Ms. Daniels made in the interview last night were accurate.”

The Interview

Daniels gave more information than most were expecting, but the media is already questioning the validity of her claims.

Most are also more than a bit disappointed Anderson Cooper did not press her hard enough as she was making the claims for more details.

In addition to discussing the alleged affair, she also made claims about being threatened.

The Threat

According to Daniels, a man approached her after the alleged affair threatening her.

Ms. Daniels said she felt as though she was being intimidated into not talking, which is why she signed the non-disclosure agreement.

Daniels stated, “I was in a parking lot going to a fitness class with my infant daughter and a guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. Forge the story.’”

She continued, “And he leaned round and looked at my daughter and said, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It would be a shame if something happened to her mom.’”


Trump has not only said he never had an affair with Daniels, but also adamantly denies he had anything to do with someone threatening Daniels.

In addition to the Trump denial, there is the issue of Daniels prior release of a denial statement that their relationship consisted of nothing more than a few public appearances.

In addition to denying the affair at the time, she also stated how professional and cordial Trump was at every meeting.

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Now that everyone has heard her story, the public will be able to make up its own mind as to whom is more believable.

Based on the early feedback from the interview, it would seem more people are leaning towards Trump’s version of the story rather than Daniels’ version.

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