Stormy Daniels’ fame is beginning to wane

Stormy Daniels has certainly gotten more than her allotted fifteen minutes of fame, thanks to the complicit media who are all too happy to trumpet her tawdry story across the nation as long as it has a chance of tarnishing the president.

But according to Joe Fitzgerald, a columnist for the Boston Herald, Stormy may be in for a rude awakening soon. As he puts it, her “shame fame” won’t hold up much longer once the media runs out of ways to exploit her story.

Stormy may consider herself to be a woman of importance, thanks to all the fawning attention from the anti-Trump cohort.

But as Fitzgerald says, she is certainly not — and the only reason she’s made it this far is because she gave the media a golden opportunity to attack the president.

She is what she is, says Fitzgerald, — an adult entertainer and businesswoman who “likes to maximize her profits.”

Daniels continues to perform at strip clubs across the country, interspersed with sporadic media appearances. And it’s no secret that she’s benefiting financially from her newfound notoriety.

And while that’s her deal, it means the rest of us don’t need to feel obligated to base our opinion of the president off her opinion.

In the end, Daniels will join the legions of other forgotten subjects of politician’s indiscretions, who briefly ascended to the spotlight but disappeared just as quickly.

Once the media is finished using Daniels, Fitzgerald warns, they’ll toss her aside. Then she’ll really understand what it means to be exploited.

Yes, she brought it on herself. But the real villains here are the Democrats and the media as usual.

They were willing to do anything to bring President Trump down. They reveled in the nastiness of the story, and plastered it all over the cable channels and front pages of America.

That failed. Trump is still as popular as ever. Can the Democrats say the same for themselves?

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