Stormy Daniels’ Dilated Pupils Spark Accusations – and Questions

It would appear as though Stormy Daniels interview created more questions than it actually answered.

As America tuned in to see what the porn star had to say, they could not help but notice how dilated her pupils were.

The Dilated Pupils

Why is this so odd?

With all of the lights in that room, Daniels’ pupils should be been very small.

But, as anyone who saw the interview already knows, they just about drowned out her iris.

Online Reaction

Blythe Berhard tweeted, “Why are Stormy Daniels’ pupils so dilated in that bright room?”

Lauren Jiggetts tweeted, “Off topic – but Stormy Daniels’ pupils look completely dilated.”

Mike Iscovitz tweeted, “#StormyDaniels has giant pupils.”

And those are just a few.

There were literally thousands of viewers wanting to know what was causing her eyes to look like that.

What Causes Pupils to Dilate

According to WebMD, there are five things that will make pupils dilated.

There are numerous medications that will prevent pupils from getting smaller when exposed to bright light.

Several illegal drugs, such as cocaine, will have the same effect.

A head injury or disease can cause swelling of the brain can damage the muscles in the iris, causing the pupils to stay open.

Eye injuries and treatments can temporarily or permanently control the pupil size.

Benign Episodic Unilateral Mydriases impacts only one pupil, and usually goes away within a few hours.

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Unless Stormy Daniels comes forward to tell everyone what she was on or what condition she suffers from, the speculation is going to continue as to the exact cause.

And right now, what they are saying is not good.

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