Stormy Daniels arrested

Stormy Daniels’ world is beginning to crumble around her.

On Wednesday, social media was abuzz after word leaked out Daniels had been arrested in Ohio.

Lewd Acts

While performing at Sirens Club, Daniels apparently got a little too handsy.

Undercover officers were present at the club and unfortunately, at least for Daniels, she chose to “interact” with one of the cops…

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, immediately tried to put the onus of the arrest on Trump, at least law enforcement officers that support him…

His reasoning is idiotic, to say the least.

Just because something has been happening without penalty before does not make it right.

Furthermore, he is just flat-out wrong, as was revealed later by the Columbus Police Department.

Ongoing Investigation

There is often far more going on at strip clubs than meets the eye.

We expect scantily clad women to be prancing around on stage, but some clubs offer a few “extra” services.

In this case, local police were and had been investigating reports of illicit activity at the club.

A statement was issued by the Columbus Police Department to further explain the arrests.

It stated this was part of “a long-term investigation into the allegations of human trafficking, prostitution, along with other vice related violations.”

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Plus, Daniels was NOT the only person arrested, as police announced two other arrests during the sting operation.

Believe it or not, Mr. Avenatti, some communities in this country still have morals, something you and your client lack.

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