Roger Stone breaks down why Trump can – and should – pardon him

Roger Stone, a longtime friend and supporter of President Donald Trump, is set to report to federal prison on July 14 to begin a 40-month sentence related to a conviction for lying to Congress and witness tampering during the Robert Mueller-led special counsel investigation, as The Washington Post reported Thursday. But with five days still to go, it seems Stone is hoping for a miracle.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller on Tuesday, Stone said time in prison would be a “death sentence” for him amid the coronavirus pandemic and announced that Trump has the full “authority to grant me an act of clemency” — if he’d be so kind.

“I don’t think I got a fair trial”

At the start of his interview with the Daily Caller’s chief video editor, Richard McGinniss, Stone was asked directly if he believes he deserves a pardon from President Trump.

Stone declined to answer immediately, however, and instead broke down the “Soviet-style show trial” he said he endured at the hands of Judge Amy Berman Jackson, as well as the federal prosecutors who he said were using him in an attempt to damage the president.

Arguing that he was indicted on “flimsy” charges, Stone ran through the litany of actions taken against him by the judge and prosecutors, many of which he decried as blatantly unconstitutional, and also made mention of the jury forewoman who has been exposed for expressing a bias against him from before the trial even began.

“I don’t really believe I have committed any crime, I don’t think I got a fair trial,” Stone told the Daily Caller. Because of that, the former Trump confidante says the president can — and should — come to his aid.

“An act of mercy”

“The president, on a legal basis, would certainly have the authority to either commute my sentence — which would allow me to go to my appeal, because I will win my appeal,” Stone said in his interview.

“The problem with that, of course,” Stone added, “is if I at 67 years old and with a long history of respiratory problems, including asthma, if I am sent to a COVID-19-infested prison…there’s a high probability I would not live to see my appeal.” Stone said the appeals process would take at least a year.

“I think on the basis that I did not receive a fair trial, the president certainly would have the authority to grant me an act of clemency,” Stone told the Daily Caller. “Or, in all honesty, just on humanitarian grounds, as an act of mercy, he would have that authority.”

Stone added later in the interview that Trump has been nothing but “supportive” amid what he described as a “miscarriage of justice” and said the president is “an imminently fair and, I think, humanitarian person. I think he understands the danger to me,” Stone added.

Take a look at his full interview with the Daily Caller below:

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