Roger Stone demands new trial after juror bias revealed

A major controversy has exploded after the social media activity of the lead juror in former Trump associate Roger Stone’s case was uncovered.

Stone is now demanding a reversal of new trial based on the blatant political bias of lead juror Tomeka Hart, a former Democrat congressional candidate.

Overlooked bias

Per the Daily Caller report, Tomeka Hart ran for a Democrat congressional seat in 2012. Stone’s attorneys were aware of this fact, yet they still did not ask to have her removed from the juror panel.

When Hart was asked if her political beliefs would taint her judgment in the case, she, of course, responded that they would not.

She was also asked if she had followed the Russian collusion case, and she stated that she had barely paid any attention to it.

We now know all of this was a lie.

The damning tweets

The common sense thing for Roger Stone’s attorney to have done would have been to run a social media profile on Hart.

Had they done that, they would have found ample information to prove Hart was going to be biased in this case.

For instance, she once referred to Trump as the #KlanPresident. There were also numerous tweets on her timeline supporting the Russia collusion investigation, proving she was giving it far more attention than she led Stone’s legal team to believe.

Several months before being selected for the jury, she accused Trump supporters of being racist.

Finally, several days after Stone’s January 2019 arrest, Hart blasted the people defending Stone and saying he had been treated unfairly when his home was raided in the process of arresting him.

If the judge in the case — who is an Obama appointee, by the way — has any integrity, she will order a new trial. As it stands right now, Stone is due to be sentenced on February 20, so the clock is ticking on this one.

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