Roger Stone blasts special counsel Robert Mueller over his investigation into President Trump

To this point, Roger Stone has not had a gag order put on him by Robert Mueller — but the special counsel may want to rethink that.

After being released from prison over the weekend, Stone hit Mueller hard, actually calling the investigation a “speeding bullet” aimed right at the head of our president.

Gag order? Unlikely

Let’s face it: Stone loves attention, so he is going to fight his battle out in the media just as much as he will in the courts.

In fact, that battle has already started.

Stone had no sooner been released from prison after being indicted for seven process crimes — including lying to Congress and obstruction of justice — when he made an appearance on Alex Jones’ radio show.

One of the first topics he discussed was his ability to discuss this case in public as much as possible.

Unlike someone like former Trump aide Paul Manafort, Stone makes his living doing media appearances and discussing politics — and that may limit just how much the courts and Mueller are able to silence him.

If a gag order is placed, Mueller would be preventing Stone from earning a living and, in turn, preventing him from paying his legal team — which means the special counsel probably can’t keep Stone quiet.

It’s a very slippery slope, but a brilliant plan of attack by Stone by bringing it up so early in his defense.

Still No Collusion

Even though Stone is now the sixth former Trump associate to have been indicted in Mueller’s probe, there are still no links to collusion with Russia and no evidence that Trump operatives worked to unfairly influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

However, even though that is the case, the media and Democrats are using these indictments against Trump in the court of public opinion.

President Trump had no control over what these individuals did before or after they were involved in his campaign. But that is not how these indictments are being portrayed by the media.

Outlets like CNN and MSNBC are making it look as though Trump was a head member of some secret criminal empire.

This has also led to speculation, even among some Trump allies, that Trump will have serious legal problems the moment he steps out of the White House.

All of this speculation is being used to hurt Trump in the 2020 election. After all, who wants to vote for someone that could be hauled out in cuffs, right?

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Stone is right in that this is nothing more than a circus with the aim of hurting Trump’s reputation.

Mueller needs to wrap up this investigation, release his report, and allow America to move on from this sideshow.

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